The revolutionary clock planner
built for visual thinkers

Re-imagining your
everyday clock

There is no way to tell the AM apart from the PM on your everyday analog clock

If you wanted to visually represent an event that lasted from 10AM - 2PM, you would need 2 clocks

This is confusing and unnecessary

Foraday solves this problem through the creation of a continuous clock that incorporates both AM and PM clocks

Seeing is Believing

Get a Feel for Your Day

Know exactly when and how your day's going down

See exactly when your alarms are going to go off - never be caught off guard

Alert me on time
Alert me 10 minutes prior
Alert me 30 minutes prior

Track Your Progress

Foraday will follow up with you to see if the task has been completed

Track how well you've been keeping up with your tasks through the week

Inconspicuous, but everpresent progress bar serves as a constant reminder to complete the day's tasks

Get Rewarded

Foraday offers unique opportunities for being rewarded

  • Get rewarded for completing all your tasks for the day
  • high completion rate throughout the week
  • consecutive 100% days
  • planning ahead
  • and more!

Coming Soon!